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Spiral wound gasket
Ring Joint Gaskets
Non Metallic Gaskets
Gland Packing & Compression Packing
Graphite Sheet Gaskets
Non Asbestos Sheet,Compressed Jointing
Non Asbestos Sheet,Beater Jointing
Asbestos Sheet Compressed Jointing
PTFE & Expanded PTFE
Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet
Rubber Sheet & Roll
Ceramic Fiber and Fibergalss

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Mechanical Seal - HANWAY INDUSTRIES is specialized in the design and manufacture of mechanical seal, mechanical seals for pumps, metal bellows seal specialist, Spring Mechanical Seal, supply mechanical seal and support system to the fluid and gas control industries worldwide.
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Airbrush Manufacturer - Tagore Machinery specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, airbrush compressor kit, mini air compressors which are mainly used on makeup and tanning as well as the painting. Our main products include airbrush, air compressor tools, air grinders, and other pneumatic tools.
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Best rifle scopes - Chenxi Outdoor Products
Scopes are used with different guns in hunting, shooting, and other outdoor exercises and sports games. We specialise in rifle scope,cheap rifle scopes,AR Scope Mount,Military spotting scopeGun cleaning kits,airgun scope and spotting scope.
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Electric Hoist - TXK Hoist
Prefessional Manufacture of Electric Chain Hoist. TXK brand products include: electric lifting equipment,electric chain hoist,manual chain hoist electric hoist from 0.25tons to 25 tons. Manual chain hoist from 0.25 tons to 20 tons, Manual Lever Block from 0.25 tons to 9 tons.
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Electric chain hoist - Liftking Electric hoist
We are a professional electric chain hoist manufacturer, specialize in lifting hoist, Manual hoist, overhead crane, Plate lifting clamp and electric crane hoist with the brand LIFTKING. Liftking hoist is one of the best china hoist.
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Hoist Lifting Equipment - PAWELL offer Hoist Lifting Equipment and solutions including Electric Hoist,Electric Hoist Equipments,Manual Hoisting Equipments,Wire rope hoist, Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Cranes, Trolleys, Chain Block, Lever Block, Lifting Clamps and Project Solutions.
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Industrial roller chain - Gidi industrial chain
Gidi produces various kinds of industrial roller chain,conveyor roller chain, roller chain, conveyor chain,sprockets professionally,and other power transmission components according to ISO9001 and ISO14001
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Pneumatic pick - Jiangsu Vilit Tools Co.,ltd
We Mainly Produce a full range of high-end pneumatic tools,such as air chipping hammer,pneumatic breaker,pneumatic backfill tamper, G10 Pneumatic pick ,G20 pneumatic pick ,G22 pneumatic pick,c6 air shovel ,C6B air shovel ,D3, D6,D9 backfill tamper ,B87 type heavy.
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Hydraulic valve - HOYEA Machine Manufacturing
HOYEA can manufacturer various hydraulics valve,directional control valve,like pressure valves, proportional valves,cartridge valves because of its strong technology basis and the advantage of hydro mechatronics.
http://www.hoyea.com Sitemap Friendlink

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